Master Key Systems and Keying Alike

Our in-house workshop offers quick and reliable services:

Locks repaired or re-keyed to a new key.

Sometimes your lock breaks down and a replacement is no longer available, and you do not really want to spend money on a new door. Our experienced staff can attempt a repair. We keep ample supplies of spare parts - levers, curtains, leaf springs etc. - to make the repair possible.
Or perhaps the keys are widely distributed and you do not fancy paying for another umpteen keys to be cut and re-sent to relatives? In most cases we can prepare a new lock or cylinder to existing key, saving you time and money.
Our services are also useful if you have an expensive lock or cylinder and are worried that your keys might be in possession of an unauthorized person (eg. they were stolen) - in this case the lock could be re-levered and a new set of keys issued.

Please contact us on 020 8668 9522 or come into the shop and we'll help you as best as we can.

Keying Alike service.

Keying alike is our in-house service which allows two or more locks or cylinders to be operated with the same key. This reduces the amount of keys in your pocket, improves comfort of use and (usually) does not affect the security. This service is available for most of our locks and cylinders and some of them can be keyed alike with others from the same range.

Keying alike diagram

Communal door system.

It is one of the most popular types of master key systems. It is used extensively in blocks of flats, hotels (for override cylinders) or office blocks. The solution allows for every user to have one and the same key for a front (communal) door and a flat/office door and at the same time the appointed caretaker or manager of the building has the one-key access to all the flats or offices should an emergency arise.

Communal area system diagram

Bespoke Master Key system.

A number of different cylinders can be masterkeyed to suit new and existing applications. These bespoke systems are usually designed, calculated and built to suit your specific needs. These systems can have numerous groups and sub-groups, each governing a different level of access while retaining the possibility to open every door with one grand master key.

Bespoke master key system diagram

We prepare our Master Systems using high quality, branded cylinders such as EVVA, Iseo, Mul-T-Lock and Union.